Trendrr Joins Twitter

Trendrr Joins Twitter
Rocking the Flock #FTW

Over the last five years we have led the way in working with real-time data and television, unlocking the power and value of engagement around TV and creating compelling media experiences around content.

That’s why we are excited to be joining Twitter’s world class team, enabling us to realize bigger opportunities that drive better experiences for users, media and marketers – across Twitter and around the globe.

Having sat at this intersection of TV and social media for years, we’ve analyzed data from lots of platforms. What makes Twitter uniquely compelling among these platforms is its connection to the live moment — people sharing what’s happening, when it’s happening, to the world. We think we can help amplify even stronger the power of that connection to the moment inside of Twitter.

Curator, our Twitter certified product, will work with media companies, marketers, and display ecosystem partners to create compelling user experiences – continuing to pursue our initial charter of focusing on the real-time aspects of TV and media.

We intend to honor existing partner contracts for Trendrr.TV but we do not plan to establish new ones going forward.

Our success has been a tireless team effort involving innovative people and amazing clients pushing us to excellence. Respect to everyone who helped us navigate this journey and provided guidance and support – we could not have gotten here without you – and to our friends in the fourth estate not just in reporting on an important trend but being publishing partners around something important, something exciting, something transformative taking place for us all.

New Facebook Data Strengthens Tools For Measuring Second-Screen Activity

Trendrr Analysis Shows Value, Sophistication in Facebook Interactions

We are excited to announce the results of an unprecedented study conducted through partnership with Facebook, in which Facebook has given Trendrr preliminary access to previously unanalyzed Facebook user engagement data on chatter relating to television content.

Our analysis reveals that there is a large amount of TV-related social activity on Facebook — in numbers approximately 5 times as large as that of all other social networks combined as measured by Trendrr.

We’ve found a number of other interesting aspects to this new data and have described them below.

Study Summary

Trendrr’s analysis of second-screen Facebook activity during one week in May** found that the volume of Facebook user engagement relating to television programming was 5 times as large as all other social networks combined.

Activity related to broadcast television was 7 times as large, while activity linked to cable-television programming was 4.5 times as large as all other social networks combined.

Second-screen activity levels on Facebook were particularly high among viewers of dramas and comedies.

Insights: Spanish-Language Programs, News and Live Events

While Spanish-language programming has shown an active presence in other social media, our Trendrr analysis found that Facebook activity involving Hispanic programming was significantly higher than other social networks combined. For example, Univision’s finale of Nuestra Belleza Latina had 12 times more activity on Facebook during the on-air window than all other social networks combined.

The volume of Facebook social activity regarding news programming was twice that of other social networks combined.

Live events during airtime, such as sporting events, also showed dramatically higher levels of activity over other social networks — something that may be surprising for some marketers who view Facebook as a platform mostly for extended conversation. For example, as the graphic below indicates, the NBA Playoff: Knicks at Pacers on ESPN had 3 times the number of on-air interactions on Facebook as on all other social networks combined, as measured by Trendrr.



Working Together To Measure Better: Tools to Grow an Industry

The size and character of TV-related Facebook interactions have major implications for programmers and marketers. Adding these new points of engagement makes Trendrr’s measurement tools more statistically representative, allowing for a deeper understanding of the marketplace that can help the industry make informed decisions.

Trendrr is clearly in a strong position to help media and marketers understand the value of Facebook data in second-screen and social-TV measurement.

Trendrr and Facebook are working on a public case study of TV-related Facebook activity as part of an effort to illustrate the full breadth of engagement on Facebook’s platforms. Ultimately, Trendrr hopes to begin incorporating this Facebook data into its Social TV Rankings charts.*

This is the start of an exciting relationship between Facebook and Trendrr. The potential development of an open system for accurate measurement of the entire Facebook platform will provide our clients and the larger Social TV ecosystem with more insights and tools to make better decisions.


*Currently,Trendrr charts include a small, rate-limited sample of Facebook data.

**Study done May 13-19, air dates, on-air activity (+/-3 hour window around program); activity for Facebook includes likes, comments, shares and posts. Sources currently measured by Trendrr include Twitter, GetGlue and Viggle, a small, rate-limited sample of FB data.